Parent Communications

Parent Advisory Group

 The Parent Advisory Group is a group that allows parents to play a role in advising the school on matters concerning the education, safety, and wellness of their children. The group meets regularly to ensure that the school and parents are committed to working together for the benefit of the students. Group topics include: parent communication, community trips, fundraising, and increasing the school community. The group meets bi-monthly to discuss continued work on parent committees including parent involvement, staff appreciation, student events, and family activities.

Parent Communication

Hopeful Journeys is committed to ensuring a collaborative education program for our students. Parent communication is essential to ensuring students are successful and generalize skills across environments. Families receive comprehensive daily notes outlining student programs, successful peer interactions, and daily activities that the student participated in. Recently, we have revised communication to include an electronic format via the Tadpoles application. Tadpoles allows the staff to send home pictures throughout the day to parent emails as well as send an electronic note at the end of the day outlining the daily activities. In addition to daily communication, families receive weekly contact from their student’s BCBA to discuss generalization techniques across environments. Monthly in-center consults provide families the opportunities to review student programs and ask questions about home concerns. Hopeful Journeys has an open communication policy with parents to ensure that students make effective progress across all content areas.

Social Events
Students have a variety of opportunities to participate in school wide events, including holiday parties, sports weeks, birthday parties, ice cream socials, field day and more. Students also participate in weekly social groups in art, music, gym, speech, OT, book clubs, cooking groups, and science groups. Hopeful Journeys also offers special after school activities such as the annual school dance and a Halloween party.

Fundraising Committee & Volunteers

Please contact Erin Dunham if you have any fundraising ideas, would like to join our fundraising committee, would like to host your own fundraiser, or would like to volunteer.  Erin can be reached at 978-993-8096 x115 or External link opens in new tab or