Our Mission

Hopeful Journeys’ mission is to provide quality and individualized education to children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities.  We strive to build better futures for children and families by helping them to reach their fullest potential and enabling them to live more productive and independent lives.

Our Philosophy

Hopeful Journeys believes that a program following the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) provides the most promising and successful treatment options for individuals with autism.  ABA provides children a method to learn in a highly structured environment that includes positive reinforcement, errorless learning, prompt fading, and discrete trials.  ABA techniques can be individualized and implemented to improve language development, promote appropriate behaviors, increase academic, play, pragmatic language skills, and to develop independence in vocational and self-help tasks.

Our School

Hopeful Journeys is designed to meet the individualized academic, social, vocational, and behavioral needs of children ages 3-22.  Students who attend the Hopeful Journeys program require an individualized and highly structured environment throughout their day and across all activities that utilizes a teaching methodology based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Hopeful Journeys provides a consistent and continuous 216 day academic school year.

Our Facility

The Hopeful Journeys facility in Beverly is more than 40,000 square feet and includes bright classrooms, three physical education rooms (cardio, gross motor and gymnasium), an art and music room, computer labs, academic classrooms, a cafeteria, and a library. It also includes many self-help and vocational areas including a student kitchen, a vocational classroom, a laundry room, showers, a mock dental office, and a school store. Students also get to hang out and enjoy earned breaks in the Teen Clubhouse where they can relax in bean bags or rocking chairs, or participate in a quick game on the Wii. Our facility has four outdoor spaces including a seesaw zone, swings, a climbing structure, and a basketball court.

The Student

  1. Hopeful Journeys provides each student the opportunity to gain the academic, social, vocational, and behavioral skills necessary to successfully function in a variety of settings.

  2. Hopeful Journeys provides an individualized academic curriculum that meets each of our students' unique needs.

  3. Hopeful Journeys provides a school environment that supports the behavioral needs of each student and allows the development of their true abilities.

  4. Hopeful Journeys provides an educational environment that is nurturing, empathetic and supportive.

The Parent & School District

  1. Hopeful Journeys works together with parents to support their goals and visions for their child and their family.

  2. Hopeful Journeys provides ongoing support and communication to parents about their child’s academic, behavioral, and social progress.

  3. Hopeful Journeys collaborates with parents through the implementation of behavioral programs in different settings – both at school and at home.

  4. Hopeful Journeys works collectively with parents and the school district to prepare each student for a seamless transition into our program.